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In memory: Charles B. Biscoe

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The Egyptian state has for decades been waging war on the Muslim Brotherhood. It has done that pre-Uncle-Tom-hood (the rejection-of-Arabism at Camp David) and into the Uncle Tom-hood era - - the era since Camp David. Not a month passes without wholesale arrests of members and activists of that Brotherhood. When it comes to the arrests of these activists, the Israel-Anchored Idiots customarily are mum

But when the Egyptian state dare arrest activists demonstrating on behalf of Muhamed AlBaradei, as that state did a few days ago, the Israel Idiots’ State Department becomes “deeply concerned.”

Let me ponder the matter: So ElBaradei is the Israel-Idiots’ man.

Do the Israel Idiots hope to obtain favorable change in Egypt by crowning Baradei President? Will this in any way help them in West Asia, in the Arab nation, and in the Muslim World? Or help absorb the ire of the Egyptian Arab Muslim Street about the wars the Israel Idiots are waging in Muslim lands?

d r a f t

Or, is it that the Israel Idiots are so incapable at budging their Israel Anchor, or at suffocating the Islamic Republic, that they spin their wheels in Egypt just for the sake of seeming to have a plan, any plan - - any some sort of plan.

Pitiful Israel-Anchored Idiots!

There are moments when the honorable-and-smart thing to do is to shut up. This is one such moment in Egypt. Why? Because neither their man Baradei nor any of his ilk should make a difference one-way-or-the-other to the Israel Idiots’ West Asian and Arab interests - -whatever these are.


Whatever these are: Because, barring holding on to what we’ve got (the oil of the Arabian protectorates and influencing the trajectory of the trillion-dollar accumulated surpluses in these protectorates’ sovereign funds), we don’t know what these interests really are. We’re in a state of daze-and-confusion, the elite acting with fake confidence to fool the public and itself. We’re spinning our wheels the old-and-familiar way, not knowing what else to do. This state of affairs becomes increasingly and painfully apparent as we mark each year into the one-trillion-dollar-Israel-Boys’-inspired-illusions, with some of us hoping that these illusions would have been burst by the Iraq fiasco. But, have they?

Dangerously (as it could lead us into yet another unnecessary war), in this state of daze, the Saudi ruling elite is defining our interests for us in Plantation Iraq while Israel’s Boys are defining them on the Highway to Central Asia - - by pressuring, with their right-wing (and eminently discredited!) allies, for U.S troops to stay the course, straddling the sides of that Highway-to-Full-Bankruptcy-and-absolute-hatred-of-us-in-the-Muslim-World.


Post-Iraq and the disastrous strategic fiasco of adopting the ideas of Israel’s Boys, there’s a dire need for new concepts, for a long-term perspective - - and for courage. New concepts and new thinking, perspective, and courage are all so missing. There’s a dire need to engage in a thorough re-evaluation of our state-of-entrapment in that systemic power vacuum trap that is our Israel-Anchored Highway to Central Asia project. And there’s every reason to believe that no such re-evaluation is in the offing. It seems to me that, child-like, we’re expecting Daddy-the-Pentagon to effect the needed re-evaluation, as if the solutions are military, which they’re not. The solutions unavoidably will require the withdrawal of troops for political (tame the ire of the Muslim World against Israel-Anchored Us) and budget reasons (save the federal government and the layers of other governments from continued bankruptcy and concomitant social upheavals) and not for obvious military ones (not too many casualties, therefore let us stay.) It also seems to me that no one dares engage in the needed re-evaluation, honest and creative, as all run scared of the right wing boogeyman and of Israel’s influence in the U.S. Congress.

d r a f t

I’ve been accused of hyper-efficiency; so maybe I’m expecting the re-evaluation to happen yesterday, so obtuse am I to the fact that the American elite, having come so close to losing-it-all in the financial meltdown, and aghast at the resistance to it (and disgust with it) in the Muslim World, is catching its breath while sleep-walking in the daze.

d r a f t

The foreign policy establishment has a way of co-opting all. Of compromising (and neutering) all who speak out and have fresh ideas (read: independent of the Israel Anchor.) So one would expect that the resultant absence of independent and credible voices (voices that are not towing the absurd-and-inane Highway-to-Central-Asia line under whatever guise and voices that are calling for a radical military pullback and military-financial retrenchment) does after all exact a price on the process (so badly needed) of correcting the course - - radically. After the foreign policy establishment does a bang-up job neutering all, with Israel-Anchored efficiency (the national security bureaucracy is Israel-Anchored), it sits there, clueless-in-its-helplessness, unable to fathom the wisdom of shutting up.

Such fools!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This should supplement the last Post.

It’s about what lies behind Syria’s cooperation with the Saudi ruling elite; it’s also about how Iran perceives Syria’s cooperation.




Tuesday, March 30, 2010


D r a f t

Ce pays nous ennuie


According to a Syrian press source, Saudi Arabia has poured around one billion dollars into the Allawi Iraqiyya coalition in the recent elections in Iraq.

The idea, of course, was/is to contain Iran in the hope of defeating it at the propitious time, putting to use the troops of the Israel-Anchored Idiots. In the past, the Saudi ruling elite had put to use Arab Iraq’s troops to achieve the same.

Iran is and will face the following problems in meeting the Saudi challenge:

(1) Iran could defeat any coalition Allawi can hammer together if Iran is able to force unity onto the Shiites: the State of Law (Maliki, who now should’ve become more realistic about his prowess vis-à-vis Iran, and his standing vis-à-vis Saudi Arabia which has pumped so much money against him) and the Iraqi National Alliance. Together these two should amount to 159 deputies, 4 deputies short of the 163 majority. But there seems to be quite a lot of stubbornness on the part of all. Maliki, for instance, still insists on the Premiership while Sadr is opposed to Malki remaining in that office. Iran will be using a lot of arm twisting.

(2) Saudi Arabia has pumped so much money into Iraq, the Arab Sunnis in particular, and into Syria, that Iran isn’t being able to collect on Iraqi Arab Sunni revanchism against the Saudi ruling elite, who likely are coordinating with the Israel-Anchored Idiots.

In other words, Iran has proven unable to take advantage of the fact that the Arab Sunnis of Iraq couldn’t but be aware that the Saudi ruling elite had put to use the Idiots’ troops to defeat them. That Bandar bin Sultan and King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia had partnered with Israel’s Diaspora Boys, Crusader, and Bald Samson to dismember their country and make them eat shit. Saudi money has vitiated revanchism - -for now. Instead of Israel Boys’ shit, the Iraqi Arab Sunnis are swimming in Saudi money. The volume of money the Saudi ruling elite is pumping into the Arab Sunnis of Iraq –-e.g., the Sons of Iraq - - must be so huge that revanchism is nowhere in evidence. The participation of the Arab Sunnis in this latest election, by backing Allawi, indicates that they’re still mobilized against Iran and not against the Saudi ruling elite. It helps that feeling that the Shiite state in Plantation Iraq had been sectarian to the bone.

D r a f t

With the Arab Sunnis of Iraq having “forgiven” the Saudi ruling elite the devastation of them and their country by those elite’s Diaspora Boys partners, Saudi Arabia had stolen away from Iran droves of Arab Sunnis. But for the money, these (the droves of Iraqi Arab Sunnis) would’ve been in Tehran planning their revenge, as part of a new Iraqi state, against the Saudi ruling elite

(3) It’s unclear where Arab Syria stands. We can speculate safely that the Saudi ruling elite has paid it off. Likely handsomely. What I’m not sure about is whether Syria was paid off to actively help out the Saudi ticket (Allawi’s), or to simply remain neutral. There were two major bombings –Black Wednesday and Black Sunday - - , pre-election, meant to emaciate Maliki. In one, it looked like both Iran and Syria were involved; in the other: Syria mainly, but likely Iran, too.

I had assessed then that the Iraqi-Baath-in-Syria did these bombings with the help of the Ammar al-Hakim (Iranian-backed) people. About Iran’s involvement: Maliki had gotten it into his head that he could ignore Iran. Delusions of grandieur. So Iran (the Ammar Hakim people) had an interest in clipping his wings, so to speak. They have.

What about Syria? Did it catalyze the two bombings to help out Allawi - - to help out the man who is perceived to be connected to British intelligence, and now to Saudi intelligence? Wouldn’t that threaten Syria’s relationship to Iran?

D r a f t

As I’ve maintained in at least one earlier post: All Iran can hope for from Syria is that Syria remains supportive of Hezbollah. And Syria is; Arab Syria measures its relationships with the parties in Plantation Lebanon using a support-of-the-resistance yardstick.

Otherwise: could it be that Syria now is in full alliance with Saudi Arabia in Iraq? It certainly seems so. But it could be, too, that Syria’s involvement on behalf of the Saudi ruling elite in Iraq is event-specific. Residing in Syria is the Iraqi Baathist state. That state needs to make salaries. It could be therefore that an event such as Black Sunday would net that state (in partnership with Arab Syria), say, $500 million. Black Wednesday: say, another $700 million.

(4) Iran’s failure to secure the allegiance of at least half of the Iraqi Arab Sunnis, for the knowledge these have that the Saudi ruling elite had played such a critical part in their destruction, is due to (a) Saudi money; (b) Syria’s absorption (so to speak), on behalf of the Saudi ruling elite, of Iraqi Arab revanchism; and (c) the Saudi ruling elite having successfully deflected revanchism against it onto Iran by constantly keeping Iran on the defensive (and therefore strictly Shiite) inside Plantation Iraq. Likely this was and is the goal of the Saudi ruling elite: To keep Iran strictly Shiite, and unable to cross over into the Arab Sunni population of Iraq - -or anywhere else within the Arab nation, except for Gaza. But, as I’ve maintained in the prior post: Palestine is emaciated; it happened when the Israel-Anchored Idiots purchased Fateh. Israel is pitted not against the Palestinians (who are now a full protectorate) but against the Israel-Anchored Idiots themselves!

D r a f t

Laughingly for such a cunning team, Iran is fighting the wrong war. Iran can’t get past its inexpensive investment in Gaza. The Iranian team seems not to be able to get over the mantra that its cheap Gaza investment would always carry the day in protecting Iran’s popularity among the Arab public. Here, the Saudi ruling elite proved more cunning; they had caught on to the substantiality of the Iraqi Arab Sunnis, and not the purchased Palestinians, in determining whether Iran can remain popular among the Arab public, or not. The Saudi ruling elite, it seems, are determined to purchase the Iraqi Arab Sunnis, come what may, to ward off harm (revanchism) and for the benefit-to-their image as not-the- lackeys they are of Israel’s Boys and the Israel Anchored Idiots. The test for Iran therefore is found in the Arab Sunnis next door. And here: the Saudi ruling elite had beaten the Iranians hands down.


The latest elections in Iraq have shown how creative the Saudi ruling elite have been in cornering Iran in Iraq. True, those elite have the means - -the amazing oil surpluses that Crusader and Bald Samson had given them by refusing to tax energy; only to turn around and borrow some of that money from them to keep up with illusory goals in Israel-Anchored foreign military forays. But these situations are fluid until such time that they’re not any longer. In the situation at hand, all indications are that Iran has failed to forge significant inroads into the Iraqi Arab Sunni community. This failure in good part is related to another failure, that of Iran not reining in the amazing sectarianism of the Shiite State. But could it have? Likely not, since if it had tried to rein in that sectarianism, it likely would’ve lost what control it had over the Shiite state and weakened the Shiite realm which is protecting it. Iran has locked itself into the Shiite box. The Saudi ruling elite’s job has been made that much easier.

But one lesson Iran likely had learned from the Maliki era is that even a thoroughly sectarian Shiite politician - -Maliki - -can nurse delusions of grandieur and become rebellious against Iran. The reverse of this is that Maliki, too, has learned that Saudi money can eat away at his ambitions to become the new Saddam Hussein of Plantation Iraq. The Saudis have gone after Maliki as they would a petty Shiite politician, no more. And he had lost Iran, too. He now should know where he stands in the eyes of the Gulf Arab ruling elites- - as should other Shiite politicians.

D r a f t

Iran now is back to square one, so to speak. It needs to re-weld the Shiite shield within Plantation Iraq. It likely has learned that it needs within the Shiite bloc forces that would open up to the Iraqi Arab Sunni revanchists. These forces need to reel in these revanchists into the Iraqi state apparatus; Iran, too, will have to nurse them and pay them off handsomely to split the Arab Iraqi Sunni Street and grab its share of it.

This would be a tall order. For now Iran (and Saudi Arabia) should continue to fuel the low-intensity civil war within the Iraqi Arab Sunni community. Plantation Iraq should end up with Saudi proxies - - while bombing Shiite civilians - - fighting Iranian proxies, all Arab Sunni. But this condition hardly would shield Iran’s lungs - - Plantation Iraq, if only because the Shiite realm within Plantation Iraq should forever be difficult to control. Add to that that the Arab Sunnis have become the Saudi ruling elite’s means to keep Iran preoccupied in Iraq.

But these same Sunnis could, too, become Iran’s Trojan horse to penetrate the very Sunni population of Saudi Arabia itself. Iran has to choose. It needs a new formula.

D r a f t

Iran likely may have learned that it might have to shed the illusion that it can leave the Iraqi Arab Sunnis to Syria. It might be that Iran has shown understanding towards Arab Syria in the cooperation of the latter with the Saudi ruling elite - - “Go ahead, sister; make what Huge Money you can from those Israel-Anchored (Saudi) so-called Muslims.” But the recent election results likely should have awakened the Iranians to the fact that coordination with Syria on the Iraqi Arab Sunnis should be tighter, not looser. Iran is aware that Syria would be a fool to see in Iraq a Saudi-leaning state - - which will not happen, anyway, and maybe that’s why Syria feels free to “fool around” with the Saudi ruling elite under the very eyes of its Iranian ally. This putative Iraqi pro-Saudi state couldn’t be trusted as strategic depth for Arab Syria. Still, Syria would be less amenable to cooperate with Iran –and would lean towards accepting a larger alliance with Saudi Arabia - -if Iran can’t control and buttress it own Shiite realm in Iraq. All forces, it seems, lobby for keeping Iran in the Shiite box, even Syria. One therefore should expect the Iranians to be direly searching for a new formula to bust out.

In the end, therefore, Iran should be able to go on the offensive from its Shiite realm, and not from anywhere else (e.g., via Arab Syria or Gaza.) It would be Iran’s task first-and-foremost to assure that the Iraqi part of the Shiite realm doesn’t cave in to anyone. And it would be from that realm that Iran would have to labor to grab a part of the Iraqi Arab Sunnis, with or without Syria’s assistance. Here, Iran might have to limit itself to the Iraqi Arab Sunnis inside Iraq, not the Iraqi Baathist state residing in Syria, which should increasingly become less meaningful, anyway, if only because it’s residing outside of its part of the Arab nation.

D r a f t

It’s difficult for me to accept as a given that the Iraqi Baathist state residing in Syria would trust the Saudi ruling elite and would work with them for the long haul. After all, it is that same Saudi elite - -and its reflection in Kuwait—that entrapped the Baathist state on behalf of the Israel-Anchored Idiots and made the Iraqi Arab Sunnis eat Diaspora Boy’s shit. I could be wrong. To my thinking, I can’t conceive that the Iraqi Baathist state hasn’t learned a couple of important lessons from the recent past: (1) that Arab nationalism can be quite dumb when it comes to the aid of fellow “Arabs” (the eight-year war with Iran meant in good part to defend the Saudi, Kuwaiti, and other Israel-Diaspora-Anchored Gulf ruling elite), or ally itself to them; that these cower at the sight of Israel’s Diaspora Boys, would screw you any time the Israel-Anchored Idiots order them, or on their own, and would see you hang in your own Arab capital - - while farting away money and privileges; (2) that there exists an opportunity now for that Iraqi Baathist state to take advantage of Iran’s availability, directly or through Arab Syria, to hammer together an agreement to return them to power as partners with the Shiites and Iran. Before it’s too late, that is. It could be that the Iraqi Baathist state residing in Syria, as revanchist, may prove to be more faithful to Iran than the Shiites themselves.

D r a f t

But it could be, too, that the Iraqi Baathist state residing in Syria is so penniless that it no longer has any independent say. It has become a tool for Arab Syria and, through Syria, for the Saudi ruling elite, no more. This is more likely what’s going on than anything else. There will come a time, sooner-than-later, when that state would melt away unless Iran accepts it back in Plantation Iraq, trusting in its revanchist credentials, if any are left.


Most likely, however, It could be that the revanchists who will open up to Iran and work with it would be a new generation of Arab Iraqi Sunni nationalists who aren’t beholden to Arab Syria. Maybe the learning curve in these matters, after all, is generational. Whatever the future holds for the Arab Sunni minority in Iraq, which own “brothers” (the ruling elites of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) had done it in, that future must account for Iran (whatever its hue) as friend, even an ally, and not as enemy. The Iraqi Arab Sunni minority already has fought its last war for the fat ruling elite of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and on behalf of the Israel-Anchored Idiots - -just as the Christian community in Lebanon had fought its last war for Israel and its Idiots. The Arab Sunni minority of Iraq can go nowhere fighting Iran for a Saudi or a Kuwait buck, as the Baathist state residing in Syria currently seems to be doing. I would think that it’d be high for that minority to look after itself.

I’m confident it will.

Friday, March 26, 2010


And I’ve retraced the steps of youth
And its roses
Walking instead on thorn

Ahmad Shawqi. (My translation from Arabic.)

D r a f t


The larger picture is necessary. Though I don’t have access to so called “classified intelligence,” (or to my hefty file for that matter - -fame at last!) the Israel-Anchored Idiots’ construction of the Highway to Central Asia is in part to reinvent India as a Great Power to stand up to China. It’s meant to provide India access to Central Asian energy. One would be a fool to think that this aggressive effort is happening in a real power vacuum. The Highway is meant against China. China therefore should be present, I would think, though no tanks and troops are in evidence. Indirect presence?

Neither China nor the Israel-Anchored Idiots can afford a trade war. For China, a diminishment of its exports of uncertain substantiality (if growth dips below . . .) should spell relative instability and political trouble. For the Israel-Anchored idiots, shifting production home should spell inflation.

China should be able to rein in the instability through repression; the Israel-Anchored Idiots should be able to rein in inflation through higher interest rates - -and the opening of yet more jails - - unless marijuana is legalized. Marijuana should help the populace slow down and diminish their material expectations, just as kat slows down the Yemenis in employment-starved Yemen. (Qat sessions can take hours.) The age of an over-caffeinated populace, as in the age of the bubbles where the populace ran breathlessly for dollars, is over for now. Starbucks is out; marijuana clinics are in.

D r a f t

If a trade war heats up, growth would take a significant hit for as long as the trade war remains vibrant. Diminished growth spells unemployment; unemployment spells political trouble.

With hints-bordering-on-accusations by Europe that the Israel-Anchored Idiots already are engaged in a trade war (the proposal for an air refueling tankers’ defense contract said to favor Boeing), Europe should find itself straggling between helplessness (vis-a-vis the Israel-Anchored Idiots) and a modicum of revolt. The Israel-Anchored Sarkozy government already has engaged in one defense sales contract with Russia, under the unstated guise that Russia would be needed for the encirclement-and-strangulation of the Islamic Republic.

Wannabe-Israel-Anchored India, somewhat using the same guise (seeking to distance Russia from Iran) has, too, engaged in hefty defense and civil nuclear reactor contracts with Russia. (This, in addition to the hefty defense contracts Wannabe-Israel-Anchored India has with its wished-for Anchor—Israel.)


With all these strangle-Iran perks, would Russia bite? Would it so distance itself from the Islamic Republic as to partake in its encirclement-and-strangulation, on behalf of Israel and its Idiots? Instability in West Asia – sanctions should breed that - - should help lift oil prices, and that would be good for Russia. But Russia likely can ill-afford to ignore three factors:

(1) That if the Israel-Anchored Idiots succeed at eliminating the Islamic Republic, they would in effect succeed at controlling the oil of Iran and Iraq in full. Accordingly, the Idiots would unleash their companies in both countries to raise the production level of oil to bust oil prices once-and-for all. Russia would lose out big time. (As would the OPEC countries.)

(2) That if the Israel-Anchored Idiots succeed at eliminating the Islamic Republic, these Israel Idiots would gain a balcony seat, a clear view, on the shores of the Caspian, and be that much closer to the Central Asian Republics - - a sea of energy sources. Concomitantly, if success in Pakistan/Afghanistan (dream on), the Israel Idiots’ proximity to the Central Asian states might just translate into near-total control of those states. Russia could never compete with the Israel Idiots because the competition, if the Israel Idiots have a clear view of Central Asia, would be mostly financial. If Islamic Iran hadn’t existed, Russia would have to invent it. Case closed.

(3) That to the extent that Iran monopolizes Islam, Russia would have to be concerned about Iran’s influence among Russia’s Muslims. Iran can retaliate against Russia by using its Islamic influence to create instability there. But the reverse, too, is equally valid: That Iran can use its Islamic influence to appease the Muslims of Russia. We’ll have to see, though, whether Iran can widen its Islamic influence by crossing over into the Arab Sunnis - -not only the very fringe - - who now matter the most—the Iraqi. The Palestinians are too far away and so divided and emaciated by the Israel Idiots purchase of Fateh. The test for Iran and its Islamic influence are the Arab Iraqi Sunnis. For now, Iran has left these to Arab Syria.

D r a f t

Is Russia torn? On the one hand, Russia reaps benefits by partaking in the encirclement-and-strangulation of Islamic Iran - - e.g., arms and nuclear reactor contracts, cooperation with the Israel-Anchored Idiots on nuclear arms issues, and recognition by Israel-Anchored Europe (i.e., NATO) of Russia as a Great Power with its own sphere of influence.

On the other hand, there are significant benefits to not hurting Iran, most importantly: to disallow the Israel-Anchored Idiots from dominating Iranian and Iraqi oil and, equally importantly, from gaining a solid foothold in Central Asia. These strategic benefits, I believe, should put the brakes on any Russian policy of significance directed at crippling the Islamic Republic.

This is especially true since Russia can ride the guise/ruse of participating in the encirclement-and-strangulation of the Islamic Republic far enough to collect some benefits along its cunning way - - e.g., the purchase of one (or two?) naval ships from the Israel-Anchored Sarkozy government and the nuclear reactor and defense contracts with wannabe-Israel-Anchored India.

So, you see, the guise of partaking in the Israel-and-its-Diaspora’s wished-for strangulation of the Islamic Republic has become a chip to play for benefits for this-or-that country (e.g., Russia, India), and this-or-that politician (e.g., Sarkozy, John McCain.) (What’s funny is that India, for example, would hedge its bets about Central Asia by signing lucrative contracts with the Russians, while portraying such to the idiots as a means to distance Russia from Iran.)


As highlighted (somewhat) in the past two posts of this blog, the Israel-Anchored Idiots (as proven idiots) shouldn’t know their Arab and Islamic limitations. They should want to defend their “gains” in Plantation Iraq. (These are really humiliating losses, not gains; losses that impugn the intelligence of policy makers and reflect the mediocrity of their conceptual abilities; but spin is spin, right?) Plantation Iraq therefore can become a dagger directed at the Islamic Republic to change its government and reach the Caspian - - one rest-stop on the Highway to Central Asia which the Israel-Anchored Idiots are building. (Think of it like this: If life gives you a lemon - -the systemic post-cold war power vacuum trap, and you as Idiots are lacking in conceptual intelligence, you fall into that trap - - do make a lemonade - - that is, dig yourself deeper into that trap by constructing an obscenely expensive Highway to Central Asia’s energy sources until your country cries financial uncle twenty times over.)

D r a f t

But Plantation Iraq should be Islamic Iran’s lungs, and one would want to protect one’s lungs come-what-may. Right?

Even if the Israel-Anchored Idiots should want to reach a memorandum of understanding with the Islamic Republic, to include Plantation Iraq, the mistrust between the two - - the Israel Idiots and the Islamic Republic - - should continue on. It would take a lot for that mistrust to evaporate. It would take the Israel-Anchored Idiots shedding their Anchor, or reining it in tightly. It would take Israel instructing its Diaspora institutions to stop waging campaigns for war and sanctions on Iran, and from waging campaigns in the West against Islam and Muslims. (Or, maybe not since these campaigns can reinforce the Iranian view of the Muslim identity. Go Israel-and-Diaspora institutions. Churn your own stupid sectarian/national consensus, blindly. You’re but a treasure to Iran.) A tall order, since I don’t think that the Idiots can ever shed their Israel Anchor, or can stop their Anchor and its Diaspora institutions from crafting alliances and coalitions meant to pit the West against Muslims. Politics (the Jewish Diaspora’s political activism on behalf of Israel and the alliances the Diaspora institutions craft and the allegiances they buy) shall overwhelm bureaucracies (e.g., the Pentagon with its evolving thoughts about Israel no longer being a strategic asset but a strategic burden) any day.

So, you see, the Israel-Anchored Idiots don’t seem to have given up on the idea of the Highway to Central Asia, in spite of financial ruin. In part, this is due to the fact that the Israel-Anchored Idiots are foreign policy idiots, and don’t understand their country’s economic strait - - and don’t want to since that’s not their job. (It’s called “functional specialization” and it’s perceived as a sign of an advanced civilization - -of a larger brain- - by the Idiots’ academicians.) Besides, the Israel-Anchored Idiots’ country is looking so well in comparison to Europe (think Greece, and now Portugal, and later possibly Spain and Italy), and should look decent (also in relative terms) as China spends its surplus to make up for the losses incurred by its citizens in the coming explosion (likely) of its real estate bubble. (Where would all the money have gone? Ask the newly-minted Chinese billionaires.)

Still, typical for the Israel Idiots, they are always in the mode of nursing illusions. A couple of their current illusions:

-- That Pakistan would not, one-way-or-another, pursue jealously a policy of defending its interests in Afghanistan and Kashmir. (The Pakistani Foreign Minister in Washington is full of it. Not to mention that he is a lousy and un-persuasive actor. Talking about terrorists! The same people who Pakistan needs and has used to protect its interests in Afghanistan and Kashmir. But he’s the one the Pakistani establishment chose to dispatch to obtain cargo for the Pakistani state. Visibly, though: Acting must not be a Pakistani forte.) That, in fact, Pakistan should be leading on the Israel Idiots as a way of making its payroll as a state while keeping its options open; and so it will be careful not to burn too many bridges with its natural allies should the Highway open up through Iran and/or Afghanistan and wannabe Israel-Anchored Indian operatives flood Afghanistan and the Central Asian states, or should the Highway not open up.

-- That Russia, so lured by arms and nuclear power reactor contracts and such other lucrative deals, would not think that the recognition by the Israel-Anchored West (even if sanctioned by the U.N.) of Russia’s sphere of influence is a ruse until such time that the Israel- Anchored West would come out from under and return once again to, say, arming Georgia. The Russians are stupid, you see.

The Highway Project therefore still is alive. And Iraq and Iran stand in the way of a smooth Highway. So, in essence, the Israel Idiots should not be expected to cease pressure on Iran or quit on their ambitions to turn Iraq into a base in West Asia. Iran, too, shouldn’t be expected to play dead and allow Iraq to be transformed into a proxy-for-Israel base against it.

D r a f t

With endemic distrust on both sides, an unconventional war should erupt between the Israel-Anchored Idiots and the Islamic Republic in Plantation Iraq. It’s anyone’s guess what course that war would take - - though, in the end, it’ll be all about who shall control the Iraqi state. (I started to highlight the war’s likely course, but gave up. Summer is nearly here and it’s time for fun-in-the-sun, seriousness to be out-spun, going for a run, a tan shall be won.)

Suffice it to say that the Israel Idiots just can’t shed illusions - -and therefore just don’t get it: that we’re bankrupt and that miscalculation is likely yet again in West Asia—and therefore a deeper bankruptcy. For there’s no assurance whatsoever that the war-by-proxy in Iraq wouldn’t enlarge and inflame even more Pakistan and Afghanistan - -and the front between he Idiots’ jewel and Lebanon and Syria. Iran shouldn’t be expected to play by the Israel Idiots’ rules meant to suffocate it. The war-by-proxy might, too, become a direct war. Though Defense Secretary Gates has gone on record as saying that the Idiots wouldn’t want a war because, in part, one wouldn’t know the course it’ll take (he was most certainly referring to the Israel’s-Boys-at-the-Pentagon and Iraq) - - the war might still happen, anyway. For there’s such conceptual mediocrity going around, one that is due in great part to the weighing down on the Idiots’ brains of the Israel Anchor. And there’s no cutting loose that Anchor.

And here: watch for deeper-and-deeper bankruptcy. To illustrate:

“The Pentagon spent more than $30 billion buying an earlier model of the IED-resistant trucks, only to discover that they were largely useless in Afghanistan because of its harsh terrain.”

(Yoshi J. Dreazen, “Afghan Bombs Grow, Forcing Troops to Adapt,” WSJ, 3/20/2010 at A-9.)


I’ve covered at length the re-establishment of warm relations between the Saudi ruling elite and Arab Syria. The last insight I’ve put forward was that the Saudi ruling elite are using Arab Syria - - and paying it off, it better be handsomely - - to neutralize Iraqi Arab Sunni revanchism against the Saudi ruling elite. That elite had partnered with the Israelis and their Idiots to dismember Arab Iraq and disenfranchise its Arab Sunnis. Fait accompli. Israeli Diaspora Boys’ shit is being eaten by the Iraqi Arab Sunnis as I write.

D r a f t

But, viewed from the perspective outlined above, there’s yet another reason for the rapprochement that the Saudi ruling elite has sought with Arab Syria. The Saudi elite are helping out. Who? They’re helping out the Israel-Anchored Idiots, yet again. They’re partnering with the Idiots in the coming proxy war with Iran inside Plantation Iraq. (Both they and the idiots are dangerous sophomores, aren’t they?)

The Israel Idiots are using the Saudi ruling elite to neutralize Arab Syria in that war. I’m going to venture a wild guess (I’m not hedging: but it really is a wild guess - -a clearer picture will be found below) and say that Syria likely, for the money – I’m sure it’s making the payroll for the Iraqi Baathists out of Saudi payments - - will be neutralized. Bashar now dines with the son of the Saudi King, both to get fat together and develop type-2 diabetes.

But Arab Syria has to watch out. If the Iraqi Baath in Syria doesn’t play a role in the coming proxy war inside Iraq, or if it plays the wrong role (such as siding with the Saudi proxies), then it’ll come to full political death. The younger ones will take over in full, and will fight other Sunni younger ones funded by Saudi intelligence. Arab Syria, too, would run the risk of becoming insignificant in Iraq should it have the Iraqi Baath-in-Syria act neutral or, worse, align with those Sunnis who are funded by Saudi intelligence. Arab Syria can ill-afford this. Only an Iraq that would give it strategic depth –geographically and in resources - - is a worthwhile Iraq for Syria - -not one that would sandwich it between two Israels, the one jewel of the Idiots, and the other - - Iraq - - a de facto ally of Israel. In other words, an Arab Iraq once again, but this time not ruled by paranoid idiots who are out to defend “the Arabs” - - the fat self-hating dubious Arabs, but an Iraq that would help Syria out in the confrontation with the Idiots’ jewel.

D r a f t

Remaining neutral, or siding with the Saudi proxies - - the same as aligning with the Israel Idiots - - could lose Syria its future prominence inside Iraq. (Remember: Iraq is a hell of a resource-rich country.) Arab Syria would have to decide: the old-and-reliable relationship with the Islamic Republic –which had helped it win wars through Hezbollah and has provided it with effective deterrence - - or the Saudi ruling elite which will see you to the gallows in Texas-like lynching and will try to divide Sunni from Shiite.

All in the Arab nation have learnt the Iraq lesson: the Saudi ruling elite and the Israel Idiots have no friends. [SELF-DELETED]

The Arab Iraqi Sunnis (AND the Arab Shiites) had paid so dearly in blood and treasure to defend these [SELF-DELETED]

Realistically, though, the likely Syrian role inside Iraq would be to mediate for the Saudis with Iran. The mediation would be about what Saudi proxies would remain in government after the troops of the Israel-Anchored Idiots thin out. Likely, too, the Saudi ruling elite is hammering with the Syrian a list of people, former Baath and Saudi proxies, who would remain in or re-enter in the state apparatus in Iraq - - Iran willing. Iran should accommodate Syria, and Saudi Arabia but only through Arab Syria. But the Saudi-Syrian list should hardly be safe from future elimination. It’ll be the dynamics of Iraqi politics that should see this list evaporate, not Iran per se.

This is the LIKELY role. It could be, however, that Syria would make the mistake of keeping the Iraqi-Baath-in-Syria out of it - - if a war-by-proxy does erupt. It could be that the words Mr. Asad is spouting about “lam al-shaml” (to gather up the Arabs), paralleling the current policy of the Saudi ruling elite, aren’t just a moneymaking ruse; it could be that these words are the real thing.

It could be, too, that all the informants the American intelligence apparatus (the Assholes) had unleashed against me were/are meant for my own good. So many possibilities; so many assholes.

Sunday, March 21, 2010




I apologize for the self-censoring this blog. It doesn’t help not to.

This post is/would’ve been premised on the likelihood that the Israel-Anchored Idiots, in the process of balancing Iranian power, shouldn’t know their Arab and Muslim limitations. As Idiots whose thinking is intrinsically-and-unavoidably anchored in Israel, they’re prone to miscalculating.

In other words, the Israel-Anchored Idiots should be drawn deeper into the Arab nation, the oil protectorates in particular, but Iraq, too (yet again) - - far deeper than would be necessary to meet the demands of the conventional defense tripwire which they’re currently setting up in those protectorates.

A tragedy should ensue.

The tragedy should be in the response of the Arab Sunni Street, where it can, to the Israel-Anchored Idiots’ encirclement of Iran. The Arab Street is in awe of Iran; it is allied to the Islamic Republic - - in full. It should want to come to its defense. The Street has seen what the Israel-Anchored Idiots had done to once-Arab Iraq; and it is witness to how the Israel-Anchored Idiots have eviscerated the Palestinian cause and have laid the Palestinian Arabs prostrate and defenseless before the Israeli war-assassination-occupation-and-prison colonialist machine.

Iran is the Arab Street’s Hope. Coming to Iran’s help should spell tragedy to the Arab Christians.

Get the transition camps ready in Lebanon and in Syria. The Arab Christians of Iraq and Egypt should be coming over to Our Land of the Jewish Evangelists.)








Sunday, March 14, 2010



D r a f t - - second. I've tried to highlight the added paragraphs - - an entire part about the dynamics of the exodus of the Arab Christians - - and have deleted some extraneous stuff.

IMPORTANT: Please read apology at the bottom of this post.


“Honey, this isn’t depression. You’re burnt out. Go somewhere.” This is the opinion of Jennifer, an old friend, a seasoned psychologist.

I pack my car for camping and drive south.

I like driving long distance. It makes me happy.


On my way south, I listen mostly to religious radio stations. Call it curiosity.

The Muslim World, it turns out, is the only obstacle left to the spread of the Gospel. You see: I didn’t know that. Conquer them, I say. “Let us pray. That the Muslim World accept our Love; that the Lord Jesus protect Israel against - -” What? These people are insane. Is Israel passing money on to these people - - and coordinating their agenda? Their stations seem to broadcast sermons at such a higher pitch, the pitch of God’s voice, really. I bet it’s sinful to impersonate God, even if only via a radio station.

The Idiots accuse Iran of being a source of Islamic chauvinism, not appreciating that we are too - -a source of Christian chauvinism - - and that Iran is nothing but the Israel model re-created. Here’s our chauvinism, so clearly defined, on powerful FM radio stations. Here are the Ones-who-kidnapped-Jesus-and-stirred-him-into-the-Old Testament-Bowl-of-Israel-Soup, trying to replicate the religious chauvinism of Israel and Iran in the United States.

They’ve so succeeded.

(In replicating Israel’s chauvinism, however, Iran has it much better than Israel because - -

(1) Iran isn’t colonizing anyone’s lands, let alone the lands of Arabs. (You will undoubtedly raise the issue of the three islands which belong to the United Arab Emirates and which Iran occupies. Maybe these specks would've amounted to something before the Israel Boys (and therefore Israel)had dismembered Arab Iraq. After Iraq, the Arab elite, including the Gulf non-ruling elite, is focused more on how the Israel-Anchored Idiots may hurt the Arab nation, and less on how Iran can.)

(2) Iran didn’t have its Diaspora in the land of the Israel-Anchored Idiots motivate a White House to dismember an Arab Sunni-led country;

(3) Iran isn’t pumping money into Evangelical “Christians” to wage American campaigns against, say, the Sunni Muslim World - - and to inculcate such hatred in the United States of Sunni Muslims.)


I’ve evolved a system (not really a system - - more like a method) where I stop for rest and fuel not in rest areas or anywhere that says “X Road.” I stop in towns. It’s mildly more interesting, especially that Interstate 95 likely is the most boring road in America.


I at times would surf away from the Evangelical-Jewish right wing (by definition - - I'm just being politically presentable) stations and head over to NPR.

I hear about the Israelis mistreating our Vice President by announcing the planned construction of new settlements “units” at the very moment that Mr. Biden is there to show them LOVE. The Vice President is there allegedly to assure the Israelis that there’s no so called space/distance between the Israel-Anchored Idiots and their Anchor. Here’s a powerful country (less powerful thanks to a solid tendency to solidly follow Israel-inspired advice and solidly miscalculate politically and militarily as a result and disturb the hell out of people’s lives in West Asia and now in South Asia) being kicked in the ass by its protectorate. The Israel-Anchored Idiots are so afraid that Israel would attack Iran - - and not hurt it much; but Iran would retaliate against our troops and we would get into a war at a time not of our choosing.

I suspect Netanyahu’s wing within the Israeli cabinet did in our Vice President in retaliation for the Israel-Anchored Idiots coordinating with Ehud Barak and not with Netanyahu. Ehud Barak twice recently said that a nuclear Iran wouldn’t be an existential threat to Israel. These statements, if anything, are accommodation by Barak of the Israel-Anchored Idiots. These would need similar statements by halo-ed Israelis - - heroes-and-saints to Americans - - to persuade Americans that war with Iran at this moment - - to “protect” “our Israel” and spread the Gospel among the Muslims- - isn’t advisable. In other words: to defuse right wing campaigns against the Obama Administration about weakness in foreign policy and such inane absurdities. (Remember: we’re in the mode of retrenching-and-inflating, and not in the mode of making wars that neither we, nor even the Chinese who are buying our Treasuries and therefore indirectly funding our wars which are meant to balance Chinese power - - can afford.)

Netanyahu must’ve been eminently displeased. Add to that the fact that Netanyahu likely assesses that the Obama Administration for obvious domestic American reasons isn’t free to squeeze Israel. Netanyahu knew he can get away with it and be the hero that he is to America’s right wing.

Instead of ordering the Protected Assholes to cease-and-desist from colonizing, we’re down to begging them. Never mind that the timid Israel-Anchored Idiots can wink at our CIA to start secret supplies of weapons to Hezbollah. Hezbollah is THE Deterrent to Israel attacking Iran. The deterrent certainly is NOT the helpless plights of our Vice President nor the supply of yet more advanced weapons to Israel.

In this period of transition, while we define and install the tripwire, Hezbollah is our ally, de facto, the Israel-Anchored Idiots like-it-or-not.


Somewhere in Florida I report to a park and ask to camp. “We’re full; it’s high season,” says the ranger. But there’s a campground a few miles north, she adds. I head there. I get a spot.

It takes me forever to put up my tent. I fumble and fumble and fumble. Tom, my neighbor, comes over to help. He had served in the Navy. Recently, he had been diagnosed with melanoma but had beaten it - - he hopes. He’s covered with clothing, a beard, and a hat. He really isn’t much better than I at putting up the tent. He uses force to make the material comply. In the end, after much effort, the tent goes up. I stand there and pray to Jesus that it withstand the blowing winds and the looming rains. I look across the water and scream His Name. With Israel and its people having dominated the Evangelical Christians, in good part, I would think, by pumping money into them; with Crusader and Bald Samson and the Israel Boys having dismembered an Arab country that had paid little attention to one’s religion - - the Christians of West Asia and North Africa might as well pack their bags and head to a campground, preferably in low-season, maybe to Nebraska.


How so, you might ask. As much as I'd like to think that an Idiots' tripwire would do in West Asia - - the Gulf in particular - - the Idiots will be drawn in as balancers of Iranian power on grounds that are beyond conventional weapons and warfare. They will not be able to stay away. Consider, for instance the plight by the Gulf Arabs to Secretary of Defense Gates. In essence these Gulf Arabs want Secretary Gates to save them from Iran. I've maintained repeatedly that this is an act--that the Gulf Arabs have so much wealth that they can neutralize any Iranian influence in their countries, say among their Shiite Arab population.

The complaints to Secretary Gates conceal an agenda: These Gulf Arabs, the Saudi in particular, (the U.A.E chimes in because of the islands)-- can't accept the limitation to their power that the new regional balance of power, post-dismemberment of Arab Iraq (in which they had partnered), place on them. Iran is on the ascendancy; but, more importantly, the American tripwire (a conventional defense umbrella), without more, consecrates the freedom from Saudi influence of smaller Gulf states - - e.g., Qatar, Kuwait. Saudi influence therefore has now been clipped in the north (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq) in favor of Iran, and in the south (Qatar, Kuwait, the U.A.E.) in favor of the U.S.

Since the Israel-Anchored Idiots will not be able to shed their Anchor, Israel, their attempt at balancing Iranian power will necessarily have an Israeli flavor to it. The Israel-Anchored Idiots wouldn't be able to control for that. In other words, Israel will feature prominent in their intervention in the Arab nation. They should not be able to limit that intervention to the Gulf - - to the tripwire. The American Jewish-Evangelists should participate by using the Voice of God to further Israel's interest; in that, and in view of their culture, they should be expected to unleash even more against Muslims - - and it'll be nearly impossible for the Israelis to persuade them to pick-and-choose among these.

The interference by the Israel-Anchored Idiots, being drawn in by the Gulf Arabs - -the Saudi ruling elite, in particular - - and possibly others who need to make a buck (e.g., Jordan, Egypt) should, at a minimum, result in "retaliation" against the Christians in such places as Iraq and Egypt. The conflict involving the Israel-Anchored Idiots, after all, should increasingly become a religious one, regardless of the Israel-Anchored Idiots' best intentions.

"Retaliation' against the Christians of Egypt and Iraq would mean refugee camps where available. The most likely place: the United States.

the challenge for the Israel-Anchored Idiots would be to limit their involvement to the tripwire, no more. But my money is on the Saudi ruling elite and the Israelis succeeding at involving the Idiots deeper-and-deeper. It'll be a religious war, no doubt about it.

Next time you the Israel-Anchored Idiots decide to conquer a secular Arab country (the only one left is Syria, but the Christians of Egypt and Lebanon should follow), do the Christians of West Asia and North Africa - - of the Arab nation - - a favor: Empty out the campgrounds in Nebraska or wherever you think is appropriate to place all these aliens.

I'm aware that people emigrate mostly for economic reasons. But shock events and political-military miscalculations play a role, too. Consider Iraq, O Jesus-Loving Israel-Anchored Idiots.


Before I do anything else, I need to change the car’s engine oil. I had dropped in on my Arab mechanic in the D.C. area, but he had been busy. No wonder Jiffy Lube does brisk business: My Arab mechanic takes a break after he does each car, and during. He eats. He makes up for his easy-does-it attitude with stories about how they used to smuggle diamonds from West Africa to the consternation of De Beers. My mechanic exaggerates, which is an accusation against all of us Arabs. So I divide any numbers he gives by 100.

The first place I spot for oil change is a Wal-Mart. The attendant hails from Maryland, so we behave as if we’ve known each other for eons. I shop three times while waiting for my car’s turn.

An old man, retired (80 percent of them are), strikes up a conversation with me. He looks like Jennifer’s (the psychologist) late dad, and speaks like her late father-in-law, from Philadelphia. This man is from New Jersey. Without solicitation, he talks with pride about his two sons. I ask what he did before retiring. He used to oversee construction sites for the state - - which is what his older son now is doing. His other son: he manages a marina owned by his father-in-law.

I don’t think the man has any other children. I ask anyway. Three daughters, he says. Then he goes eerily silent. He ponders for a while then, out of the blue, he says “I should’ve had ten children.” What’s that all about? What’s going on? Is he wishing he had played the numbers for more sons? I remind myself that he hadn't spoken a word about the daughters until I had asked. Had the daughters been a disappointment? Had they married men of whom he disapproved? Had they gone through nasty divorces? I bet their mother would have a different take on things. If the daughters had given her grandchildren, likely she’d be satisfied - -divorce-or-no-divorce, bad men-or-good men.

Another older guy spends minutes on the cell arguing with someone. When he hangs up, he tells us that his buddy had a stroke and that he (our interlocutor) has volunteered to haul his friend’s boat and antique car back to Michigan. I can’t avoid thinking that these people are so weighed down by so many possessions. They forever need an endless set of wheels to haul these.

On the news of the stroke, the old man from New Jersey says, “That’s not good.”

After my third shopping spree - - I buy a hat for a friend’s son, then hats for me - - which I will misplace and lose throughout the summer - - a polo shirt, anti-histamine -- the car is done. Bad news: your battery isn’t working at full power. The car in only three-years old, I protest. Joe, the man from suburban D.C., has no answer. But he looks genuinely worried. I realize they’re too busy for more queries.


I return not to the campground but to the beach. There I spend a few hours tanning, walking, listening to Christian-Israeli stations monopolize Jesus, and reading Ryan Grim, This is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America. (2009)

But the battery thing is gnawing at me, and I’m a tad bored. Why didn’t they tell me before removing the car so that I could ask them to put in a new battery? Perhaps they don’t carry batteries? They must have them. I really don’t want to spend another three hours at yet another function-specific mechanics’ shop. I head to the parking lot and pull out the owner’s manual. If the battery isn’t charging, a warning light would appear. No such light had been in evidence. So it must be the battery itself. I open the hood and take a look. How do you pry open these lids on top of the battery? Are they even lids?

For no reason whatsoever other than instinctual alertness for fear of attack by a lion or a hyena, I look back and find two older gentlemen standing right next to me - -really, really close to the engine, examining it. They ask and I tell them. One of them takes a knife out of his pocket and pries open what turns out to be two lids. Some of the six wells are dry. You need either acid or distilled water.

A younger man with a bunch of children stops by to help. The two older gentlemen explain away to him. I’m now insignificant in this affair; this is no longer my car; my AAA membership is irrelevant. Hey buddy, the young man says, I’ll drive over to the store and get you distilled water. You wait here. But that’s a good eight miles. And what if the children drown without his supervision? The car starts, I say; so I can do it. But thank you so much.

“Start the car,” orders one of the older gentlemen. I do. The other one goes over to his huge brand new truck and returns with bottled water. “It’ll do, don’t worry,” he says.

Once in D.C., in a residential neighborhood, as I had been waiting for AAA, I had opened the hood as a way of making it easier for the AAA contractor to spot me. So many drove by, but no one offered to help. Affluence?


Back at the campground, Tom has an open fire going and there are retirees about. Tom is proud that he had gone into the forest and collected the dry wood. He pours me a glass of Shiraz, while apologizing for being unsure about how to pronounce the name. As I sit down and drink the wine, I realize that I am burnt - - really, really bad. I’m shivering. Not to be concerned: I’ve been going through this ever since my childhood. We always would get burnt on our first day at the beach in Beirut. Then we’d shiver in the evening as if sick. Then it’d pass. If anything, the shivers elevate my sense of contentment.

I escape for a while and head to the restrooms with my bag of toiletries. When I return, there are yet more old people-with-solid-marriages about. I estimate that most are in their eighties, some in their late seventies. I envy a couple of older men with older handsome wives who seem so nice.

I excuse myself and head to my sleeping bag in the tent.

It takes me no time at all to fall asleep; I sleep like a log. Only vaguely do I recall later the rain pounding the tent throughout the night; the wind, too. The tent stood its ground.

The next morning, very early, I realize once again how badly burnt I am. I pack my tent and its contents, leave a thank-you note to Tom, and drive away.

Back on 95: I drive for seven hours-or-so in constant, heavy, and driving rain; I focus-and-concentrate as I pass the trucks which would be dumping blinding water onto my windshield. I become tired. I exit at a town called (I believe) Saint George in North Carolina. I find a motel, ask for a non-smoking room, check it out—then check myself in. There are only two cars (counting mine) when I check in. In the morning, I count over 25 cars.

I’m off at about 4:30 AM and in D.C. at noon.

It works.



On hearing from a Texas Arab-American acquaintance, from my days as National Coordinator of an Arab-American organization, I apologize to President George Herbert Walker Bush. In my last post, I had unleashed unsparingly against the Texas ruling elite. I had missed the fact that George Bush as President courageously did raise taxes, which cost him his second term. Courage is courage. Again: I apologize.

Too, to those Arabs who read this blog: When I write about Texas and its politicians’ boasts to the point of calling for secession - - no one is seceding anywhere. I’m just making a point about silliness-cum-arrogance.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


d r a f t

You feign to forget
The bite of the Wolf
Clutching onto your face
[The face of a woman] of the Bekaa
[That Wolf]
Whose teeth are grinding away at your heart
So you smile - -
[And] so shines the blueness of my country’s sky

From a poem by al-Ghafari, “The Nile in J3iita” (J3iita is a town in Kesrouan, Lebanon.) My translation from Arabic.

d r a f t

I was listening this morning to Texas Governor Rick Perry on C-Span, as he gave his victory speech in the Republican Senatorial primary in Texas. He touted Texas to the point of declaring independence; but, too he touted fiscal conservatism.

It has struck me for a time now that the fiscal conservative pressure has gathered quite a bit of momentum. Unless the economy revives fast enough, and tax proceeds rise, I suspect the Obama Administration should increasingly find itself encircled by that movement and that ideology.

d r a f t

Add to Perry’s speech the phenomenon of Senator Jim Bunning (R-Ky) blocking an extension of unemployment benefits and health insurance payments for hundreds of thousands of out-work-Americans; that he would even dare tells me that he isn’t running for re-election but that, too, he’s voicing the concern of an increasingly mobilized sector of the population. (Not running for re-election should make you more compassionate, I would think, not less.)

Both - - Perry and Bunning - - are motivated (Perry did say it more than once in his speech) in good part by fiscal conservatism. By that, both are referring to the federal government spending way too much money and sinking us deeper into debt, albeit at a relatively low interest rate, and albeit that this same government likely would try to inflate away a decent part of the debt. (God forbid any politician should consider straightforward taxation and less beloved expansion.)

(That power-to-borrow-and-inflate is also a power over the states, and Secessionist Texas wouldn’t like it until a member of the Texas Ruling Elite is at the White House with an agenda to bankrupt the federal government, that government of-and-for minorities and the poor.)

d r a f t

How is this relevant to foreign policy?

The answer is that fiscal conservatism as an ideology and a movement could not be limited - -as many conservatives likely would want - - to domestic programs. (For conservatives: that’s the spending on minorities.) I believe that, as an ideology-and-a-movemen,t fiscal conservatism should be expected to affect both: domestic programs AND “wars.”

Here’s my stab at the dynamics.

Do you remember the Highway Project to Central Asia, passing through Plantation Iraq - - the one which had been started as a by-product of the Israel-Anchored Idiots not seeing a systemic power-vacuum trap and falling (us, not they) into that trap? This (fiscal conservatism) encirclement of the Obama Administration should hasten the retrenchment in spending on that Highway Project to Central Asia - - even with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf protectorates likely sharing the financial burden in the construction of that Highway. Here’s how: For argument sake, say that many of these fiscal conservatives would want to spend on guns only, and not on butter. If the movement succeeds and gathers up even more momentum, Mr. Obama would have to give up his domestic programs. But that would be unthinkable for Mr. Obama. Unable to force the issue on social programs with the conservatives, Mr. Obama, in response, may have no choice but to retrench on both - - guns and butter - - if only to remain faithful to his constituency. In other words, it would be difficult for him to justify to his constituency his failure to spend on them while spending profligately on a mostly Republican constituency - - that of the military-industrial complex; that is: spending on “wars.” (Mr. Obama’s constituency doesn’t know - - and no one with “credibility” would dare tell it - - that likely a part of the Highway is being funded by Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf protectorates - -the bank for the Israel-Anchored Idiots - - from the amazing proceeds of the oil boom which was generated by Crusader for them.)

d r a f t

Should Mr. Obama fail to read the headlines - - and nurse false hopes that he can attract the one-half among the military-industrial constituency that needs a job - - Mr. Obama would do better to forget a second term. (That, by the way, may not be a bad thing since we now know, after Crusader, that gunning for a second term, come what may, can be a prescription for disaster.)

It matters little to these Republicans (Mr. Perry and Mr. Bunning) that one of their own had intentionally bankrupted the federal government. I submit that he had launched onto various trillion-dollar projects with the intent to bankrupt the federal government. Crusader’s trillion-dollar projects: The Plantation Iraq Project (which we had been told would pay for itself via that Plantation’s oil proceeds,) the humongous tax cut, and the expansion of the Medicare prescription program. Crusader, as a good member of the Secessionist and Reactionary Texas Ruling Elite, succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

d r a f t

For now, these Republicans (Perry and Bunning) seem to be responding as much to their own as to the Independents, some members of the Tea Party movement, some not. But, don’t you mistake it: Fiscal conservatism is One Ideology and, by necessity, One Movement, even if not officially declared. During Mr. Perry’s speech, the loudest uproar I noted was when Perry thanked the Tea Party people (a wing of the Independents) for his victory.

That tells me that the Independents, among other things, want to rein in spending by the federal government and would use whomever - - Republican or Democrat - - to achieve that end. Now they’re using Mr. Perry. (Likely, there is an informal fiscal conservative movement that is independent of other issues.) They should use Republicans or conservative Democrats when it comes to rein in spending on domestic programs; and they should use non-conservative Democrats when it comes to reining in spending on “wars.”

d r a f t

It makes it easier to Perry and Bunning to play along (even possibly to the point of accepting SOME retrenching on “wars”) since so many among the constituency of the Republican Party already have made their money, so to speak, in the Highway-Project-to-Central-Asia-via- Plantation-Iraq. I’m talking about the huge constituency of the military-Industrial complex. We’ve made our money, we’ve profiteered - - enough spending then. We’ll wait for interest rates to go up and plunk our “wars” money into high-paying certificates of deposit.

But in adopting the Independents’ fiscal conservatism, the Republicans should find themselves at odds with that part of the constituency of the military-industrial complex that has not yet profiteered enough, or that doesn’t want to lose its job, come-what-may. I’d venture a guess (just a guess) that maybe half of that constituency - -those who aren’t troops, the contractors, including the mercenaries and the civil society mules, that is - - already have become millionaires (or billionaires) thanks to “wars” that have lasted nearly eight years. (Seven years times an average of $140,000 saving per year - - there’s not much to spend on in Plantations Iraq and Afghanistan - - equals: $980,000.00) You have one-half that did not become millionaires - -the enlisted troops and their families. But as the ideology of fiscal conservatism takes root, the one-half that did become millionaires and billionaires should buy into it believing it’ll mostly (just mostly) be limited to stop Mr. Obama and such social programs as national health care.

d r a f t

Still, the one-half who didn’t become millionaires/billionaires (the troops and their families) - -and the military industrial complex - - should stop the Republican Party from going all the way in adopting fiscal conservatism to the point of wanting to cut expenses on “wars.” In other words, it’ll be a stretch to see these Republicans adopt the ideology wholesale, though unavoidably some would: to rein in spending not only on domestic programs but on “wars,” too.

That should displease the Independents, as these would want all spending on “wars” reduced, including the so-called “war on terror” (evolving the Police State by snooping and intimidating) and the “war on drugs” (evolving the Police State by repressing those who refuse to buy into the dominant culture.) The Independents therefore should pick-and-choose between Republicans and Democrats while spreading the ideology of fiscal conservatism and buttressing their movement. (If they had learned anything, I would think, they should’ve learned not to want another Ross Perot experience. Instead, they should want to work from within the parties and play these one against the other.)

d r a f t

Since the Republicans might prove reluctant to pull back from all “wars,” Mr. Obama might find in this his chance to lure back to him the Independents. He should hardly want to spend money on a mostly Republican constituency (the one tied to the military-industrial complex) and have these block his spending on his reliable constituency - - e.g., the blue collar, the out-of-work people, and the elite owners of million dollar homes in the upper Northwest quadrant of Washington D.C. - - and like areas.

Here, Mr. Obama might once again become the Independents’ Man. He would need courage and the Politician’s Guile to pull out of the expensive trap that is the Highway-to-Central-Asia-Going-Through-Plantation-Iraq (and Plantation-to-be-Iran)-Project, rein in the expanding Police State (the “war on terror”) and the enduring Police State (the “war on drugs” - - by legalizing and taxing these and using the money for employment-generating rehabilitation programs.) He would be doing this - - if he doesn’t go into paralysis - - under the very banner of fiscal conservatism - - to save money for the nation.

d r a f t

It would be therefore that the Independents would have succeeded at forcing the issue - -fiscal retrenchment that requires pulling back from all “wars” (the tool: Mr. Obama and the non-conservative Democrats) and fiscal retrenchment that would require giving up (practically) on such domestic programs as national healthcare the tool: the Republicans and conservative Democrats.)

In short: Once fiscal conservatism gels as ideology and movement, and is adopted by both political parties, each for its own purpose (at first), it should later transpire that retrenchment across the board would be the call-of-the-day: Retrenchment on “wars” and retrenchment by limiting the expansion of the money supply to pay for such domestic programs as health reform.

It’ll be Retrenchment writ large.

d r a f t

But clear-cut results such as that rarely happen in politics. Here, the ruling elite should be expected to inflate the economy, which it should do in part by stealthily not pulling away all or part of the Quantitative Easing money it had printed. Still, even with inflation, a version of retrenchment should be the call of the day.